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TH(ELD) Lock

TH(ELD) Series

Positive Lock, Inc. is proud to introduce the TH(ELD) Emergency Lockdown Device into our product lineup.  The ELD was designed with safety and ease of use in mind, and meets the 2018 NFPA requirements for locking classroom doors.  In the event of a lockdown drill or scenario the ELD can be activated to provide an extra layer of door security.

Similar to our TH model the TH(ELD) activation handle turns left and right to lock and unlock the door.  The activation is so simple it can be performed by a small child.  In the event of a lockdown drill or scenario the device is placed in the locked position for the duration of the event. When the event is over the device is placed in the unlocked position.

All Positive Lock models have an (O/A) Outside Access pin on the back to unlock the door from the outside if needed.

Customer Comments“We have received very positive feedback from our parents, community member, school board, staff members, local law enforcement and most importantly from our students. Everyone one feels safer knowing that the district has taken steps to keep our students and staff members as safe as possible. Having the Positive Lock system in our classrooms has given us all a peace of mind that they are there in the event that we should ever need them.”Jeff Byrd, Superintendent / Vernon Independent School District – Vernon, TX