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Securing Our Schools – Positive Lock’s Emergency Lock Down Device

Secure Our Schools

Sponsor Your Loved One’s Classroom

Sponsor your Loved One’s classroom today with a Positive Lock TH(ELD) Door Lock. Positive Lock can assist you with providing a safe Emergency Lockdown Device for their classroom door. 

Contact your Loved One’s school for approval to sponsor a classroom door with a $125 Positive Lock TH(ELD) Door Lock that meets code requirements. There are many scary lockdown devices being pushed at schools today. Ensure your Loved One’s school is installing a device that will safely lock and unlock the classroom door.

Locking a classroom door should not be more dangerous than the emergency lockdown situation itself. 

Emergency lock down of a classroom during an emergency situation is an essential need due to recent school shootings. Positive Lock, Inc. introduces the TH(ELD) Security Door Lock to help with your emergency security needs. The TH(ELD) Security Door Lock is surface mounted, locks both sides of the door, meets all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2018 requirements (see blue box), and is extremely easy to operate. We are confident any child would be able to lock or unlock this secondary door lock if an emergency arose.

Our TH(ELD) Lock Does Meet 2018 NFPA Requirements Existing Classroom Door Locking to Prevent Unwanted Entry 

Classroom doors shall be permitted to be locked to prevent unwanted entry provided that the locking means is approved and all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The locking means shall be capable of being engaged without opening the door.
  2. The unlocking and unlatching from the classroom side of the door can be accomplished without the use of a key, tool, or special knowledge or effort.
  3. The releasing mechanism for unlocking and unlatching shall be located at a height not less than 34 in. (865 mm) and not exceeding 48 in. (1220 mm) above the finished floor.
  4. Locks, if remotely engaged, shall be unlockable from the classroom side of the door without the use of a key, tool, or special knowledge or effort.
  5. The door shall be capable of being unlocked and opened from outside the room with the necessary key or other credential.
  6. The locking means shall not modify the door closer, panic hardware, or fire exit hardware.
  7. Modifications to fire door assemblies, including door hardware, shall be in accordance with NFPA 80.
  8. The emergency action plan, required by 15.7.1, shall address the use of the locking and unlocking means from within and outside the room.
  9. Staff shall be drilled in the engagement and release of the locking means, from within and outside the room, as part of the emergency egress drills required by 15.7.2

Want To Secure Your Local School?

Positive Lock TH(ELD) is an inexpensive and easy to install way to provide security to your classrooms.

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